Working Paper 2.1: A Better World for Women

In the UN Women committee, the motion to pass a working paper as compiled by the delegates of Malaysia, USA, UK, the Republic of Korea and Tunisia in the first session failed, after most of the delegations voted against it. The second session was aimed at compiling four separate working papers created by the delegates of Malaysia, Iraq, Congo, Tunisia and Kuwait to produce a single paper.

The aforementioned working paper debated on possible solutions to the issues that had been discussed in the three committee sessions yesterday. Some of the solutions mentioned included providing the women with financial and medical aid, encouraging them to participate in parliamentary elections and appointing various female officials to government positions. The entire committee was in agreement with this working paper, although there were a few additions made for the sake of precision. The delegate of Israel suggested a substitution amendment to clause 3, aimed at increasing female employment: the institutions offering job placements to women need to be specified, along with the nature of workshops proposed.

The delegate of Cuba suggested an addition amendment to improve transport facilities for women, reduce cultural barriers and provide them with equal access to finances, a point well acknowledged by the Chair. The delegate of Niger proposed an addition amendment in which they suggested that an army should be created solely for the purpose of protecting women in the MENA region. Niger further pointed out that they were aware of the gender inequality in their country and are in full support of the working paper. China suggested a deletion amendment to clause 5, subpoint 2 which stated that a man should be with a woman while she is walking on the streets to protect her. Opposing this subpoint, the delegate of China stated a need for strong government intervention towards safety of all citizens, without the requirement for any extreme measures. Keeping in mind the extreme conditions in Iraq and Niger, China recommended that an optional measure be put in place for the need of male guardians for the female population.

The session ended with the delegate of Congo re-iterating the fact that women are vulnerable and should be protected from all the dangers and abuse that they are forced to face. The Chair then asked the present delegations to come up with as many solutions as possible in order to start a revolution in the committee.

Reporter: Vadaanya Singh, Gulf News

Editor: Akshita Mathur