Women of the MENA Region Due for a Revolution of their Own

In the final session for the day, UN Women discussed the importance of education and the social rights of women.The delegation further identified the cultural barriers in the community in and around the MENA region which have long since influenced the lives of women.

The delegate of the USA emphasised the need for providing quality education to women in order to prepare them for assuming more powerful roles and thereby enhancing their decision-making skills. She further stressed the requirement for providing women with equal economic opportunities, since many educated women are still not given the position or recognition that they deserve due to social constraints. The cause for the lack of opportunities for women in leadership roles is believed to be social constraints; they are too afraid of going against what is deemed “right” and “normal” by society.

The delegate of Saudi Arabia highlighted the various laws that they have passed recently in order to better the situation for women. One such law that has recently been passed and embraced by the women of Saudi Arabia, allows women to travel, divorce and apply for official documents without the consent of a male guardian, as was previously enforced. He went on to say how much better the social environment for the women in the country has got in the past few years. However, they did seem to realize that there is still a long way to go and are preparing for the long journey towards the development of their society.

The session continued with numerous delegates talking about the roles that not only on women but men are also assigned, which, at the end of the day affects the development of the country. Upon the Chair’s discretion, the session moved into an unmoderated caucus wherein the delegates interacted with each other and compiled their thoughts on all the issues discussed. The session ended with the Chair having advised the delegates to think of possible solutions to the agenda at hand with respect to the information and issues that arose in committee through the day.

Reporter: Vadaanya Singh, Gulf News

Editor: Akshita Mathur