'Will fund education in Mali' , says France


Mali, a country in Africa, is suffering from terrorism, drug trafficking, violence against women and children, and the whole system of government on the verge of collapsing. All the countries present in the United Nations Security Council have been working throughout the session to derive solutions for peace-keeping in Mali. However, many questions were unanswered and hence All Africa conducted a press conference centered around the importance of the geographical conditions of Niger and Mali. It also focused on the role of France and the solutions it had derived in the committee session.

After being asked on its stand on military intervention or negotiations, the delegate of Niger acknowledged the fact that negotiations and peace treaties have been in place with the terrorist groups. However, the terrorist groups had constantly broken the treaties. Therefore, the delegate of Niger agreed to a military intervention to bring back peace in Mali. Although the delegate of Mali didn't seem to very much acknowledge the fact that a military intervention might even affect the civilians in Mali, the delegate still seemed to think about the civilians there, in general.

On the other hand, the delegate of France focused on education and awareness as one of the major steps. On being asked about the procedure regarding the same, the delegate acknowledged that many countries like the USA and France have earlier invested in the economic system in Mali. The delegate of France promised investment in education and awareness in Mali as education is one of the best methods to strengthen the economic system in Mali.

The press conference highlighted the belief that the major countries in the world, although varied in opinions, were destined towards working in the interest of the people of Mali. If the countries in the United Nations Security Council work towards the same in addition to having a discussion about it, we can expect Mali to be in a better position soon.


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