US accused of unnecessary involvement in Middle Eastern crisis

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) was a minefield of accusations on Friday, 30th of August 2019. With a charged fervour, the delegates discussed measures to tackle proxy wars in the Middle East in session one of their committee proceedings. Although no substantial headway was made, the delegates engaged in passionate discussions and made bold accusations in their speeches. 

The delegates of Russia and China boldly accused the USA of intervening in the Middle Eastern conflicts to protect their interests. The delegate of USA was often at the receiving end of these accusations, where the delegates of China, Russia, Kuwait and Germany expressed their disapproval of American intervention in Middle Eastern conflicts. They stated that the US intervention should be approved by an official body like the UN or specifically requested by countries in turmoil. The delegate of China was also quoted saying, “Don’t get involved at all!” 

While the delegate of the USA attempted to explain US policies logically and reasonably, it did not stop the Russian delegate from demanding an explanation for the civilian casualties caused by airstrikes in Syria ordered by the Obama administration and even exclaiming, “Are you denying the fact that you’ve killed civilians?”

Civilian casualties are often necessary as collateral damage to achieve a certain goal, in this case pushing ISIS out of Syria as explained by the US delegate. Furthermore, the US delegate stated that it is with the backing of the USA that Syria was in the position that it was in.

Reporter: Angelina Jain, Fox News

Editor: Anahita Devesi