UNSC Condemns Human Rights Violation in Mali, Decides to Work on the Same.


The last session of the United Nations Security Council convened with the delegates compiling the final working paper. The working paper included provisions to ensure independence and governance in the region, one of which suggested for an independent judiciary.

The signatories of the working paper included Vietnam, Germany, Estonia, Dominican Republic, Republic of Indonesia, Republic of Niger and Tunisia with the sponsors of the same being the United States of America and the French Republic.

One of the most important operations addressed included the collaboration of the United Nations with the United States of America, Republic of Niger, Republic of France and Republic of Indonesia to remove all extremist groups or non-cooperative forces unwilling to negotiate. The education of the children was encouraged in the working paper by all the signatories.

The committee stressed on the betterment of the present Covid-19 situation in Mali by the construction and development of the hospitals and establishing a robust health care system in general. The Security Council proposed the creation of an independent United Nations Committee of Inquiry and taking steps to make Mali a democratic nation with a firm legislative body with regular elections to achieve the same. Where the delegate of Vietnam proposed "an exchange program between the Northern and the southern part of Mali to reduce marginalization in the same", the delegate of the United States of America, the delegate of Indonesia and the delegate of Niger believed in doing "bigger things".

Thereafter, the committee moved on to draft a resolution for peace keeping in Mali which also focused on trade, investments and reduction of drug trafficking in the Mali region. The committee recognized the gains made against the terrorist groups in Mali through MINUSMA (United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali) and AFISMA (Africa-led International Support Mission to Mali).

The resolution asserted progressive provisions to be majorly funded by the United States of America. Although the delegate of Vietnam agreed to funding, the delegate of United States of America did not acknowledge funding by Vietnam.

The Security Council throughout the end of the session, worked towards improving the humanitarian crisis in Mali. The session concluded with the contributory countries agreeing towards joining hands to improve the situation in Mali.


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