UNHRC, A Working Paper arrives quick, Genius Decision or Hasty Mistake?

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Discussions regarding the passing of a working paper intensified during the third session of the UNHRC committee meeting on Friday, October 30, 2020. Once again, the bloc involving United Kingdom and Islam States like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia has been at the forefront of presentation. The working paper was developed through 45 minutes of unmoderated caucus, which at first glance seemed like an extremely short time to work through an entire paper, but based on the speed of this committee, it could work out in the bigger picture.

The clauses involve little government intervention, with the changes made slowly affecting the mindset of the people who believe in the ideologies of caste and minority discrimination. This involves changes to the education system and using social media to impact the mindset of the younger generation, as this generation is what will take humanity into the future, and it being reformed will mean long term results. Delegates in the UNHRC have been asked to abstain from taking political action while these changes are set in motion. Enforcement of laws was also discussed, as many laws to outlaw the caste system have been put in motion, but breakers of these laws are barely caught and when caught, don’t get the proper punishment required by the law. The exact details of these clauses are unknown as of now.

A vote will be held near the end of the session to pass the working paper and move on to the final draft resolution, and based on the contribution of all members of the council, the paper written by the Delegates of the United Kingdom, Iran, United States of America and Greece have an extremely high chance of being passed. After the paper, the committee looks to change its focus to filing a final draft resolution and bringing a change in the world at a previously unseen speed.


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