UNHRC, A Crisis Shakes the Committee

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As the members of the United Nations Human Rights Council (hereafter referred to as UNHRC) convened for their final session on Saturday, October 31, 2020. The delegates had high hopes for the passing of the final draft resolution, after a unanimous vote passed the first working paper. An unmoderated caucus was raised for 45 minutes to discuss and finalize the clauses of the draft. However, a sudden crisis report was received by the Council, interrupting discussions of the draft resolution.

The draft resolution, written by the delegates of Northern Ireland, United States of America, Islamic Republic of Iran, Greece and the United Kingdom contained eleven clauses focusing on reducing and eliminating caste-based violence around the world. Some of the clauses involved government action, which could prove to be ineffective as outlawing ideologies could stir conflict.

The council was presented with a human rights crisis within Bangladesh. In a village in the country, 2 families that were considered “Dalit” (untouchable), were brutally murdered by people of “higher caste” after the two families entered a temple which was only restricted to members of the upper caste in the region. A call for immediate action was given by the delegate of France, and solutions including the death penalty proposed by the delegates of Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh.

Subsequently, a crisis directory was created to highlight the causes, processes and final outcomes of the situation at hand. After a lengthy and heated discussion, the delegates decided on a process which involved an unbiased government investigation, the guilty being taken into custody, NGO aid to contact and compensate the family of those killed and putting the village on maximum security. Predictably, the directive was passed, hence resolving the crisis.

Overall, the committee deftly tackled the agenda by engaging in productive discourse and employing diplomacy.


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