Unexpected Compromise between Kuwait and the US

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) saw some unexpected alliances and

compromises when the delegates presented their working papers on Saturday, August 31,

2019. The committee began with the delegates discussing solutions for the crisis in Syria

which led to their presentation of working papers. 

The delegates of Kuwait, China, the USA, Germany, and Russia stressed their opinion on the

political situation in Syria. The discussion quickly got heated when the subject of the Assad

regime came up, with Kuwait strongly supporting negotiations between the opposing Syrians

and the Assad regime. Contrarily, the Russian delegate stated that they are in support of the

“only partially recognised” ruling party in Syria, the Assad regime. The delegate of Kuwait

argued, making a comment about the expectation that Russia would support a dictatorial

regime. The delegate also said that it was obvious that Russia thought all activism against the

government must be stopped, owing to communist nature of Russia’s government.

However, in an unanticipated turn of events, the delegates of Kuwait and the US decided to

make a working paper together despite their conflicting views on military involvement in

Syria. When asked about this development, the US delegate only gave one comment, “We

reached a compromise.” Certainly, this compromise is evident in the working paper they

presented along with the delegate of Germany. The delegate of the US conceded their view of requiring military support in Syria and agreed to “discontinue military support to the Syrian

government to tackle the rebellion.” Kuwait, on the other hand, agreed to keep Bashar al –

Assad as the acting president of Syria. However, he will be monitored by the UN to ensure

there are no crimes or any injustice taking place.

Reporter: Angelina Jain, Fox News

Editor: Anahita Devesi