The committee of UEFA began with the agenda of rewriting the FFP with an emphasis on the club sponsorship. Before the main agenda was brought up, an unmoderated caucus took place allowing delegates to discuss possible moderated caucuses.

During the unmoderated caucus, the delegate of PSG took lead. When the Agenda was raised it clearly passed. What followed was the GSL, where the delegates simply brought up FFP, what it is, how it is exploited and some solutions to it. A statement by the delegate of Atlanta F.C. was quite surprising to all. At the end of the speech, the delegate clearly said that she wants to change the world through football.

In the second unmoderated caucus which took place, the delegates discussed possible solutions. Most delegates, including Manchester City and Atletico Madrid, agreed towards banning clubs who violate the FFP regulations. But, when PSG brings up another point of deduction points of the clubs in the premiere leagues, Atletico Madrid replies with a valid another delegate made a point to make forced transfers. However, Atletico Madrid said UEFA does not have authority to do so.

The committee during this first session have clearly identified FFP regulations, problems and their solutions which are to be implemented soon.


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