The Less You Know, The Better?

The session in the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) began by discussing the basic rules and regulations of a Model United Nations conference since the delegates in the UNGA were all beginners. Most of the delegates seemed uninformed but were eager to learn as much as they could. The delegates of Morocco, Algeria, and Bahrain were experienced and made strong, consistent points about the Western Sahara conflict, an ongoing conflict between Morocco and the Polisario Front, an independence movement based in Algeria, regarding the political status of the Western Sahara.

The committee had two unmoderated caucuses. It did not have a moderated caucus since – as stated by the Chair – the delegates were very uninformed. The delegate of Morocco stated, “We are still trying to make amendments with old adversaries.” The Chair commended the delegate of Spain on his General Speakers’ List (GSL) speech which talked about the independence the people of Sahara want for themselves. He said, “For the people claiming to help the Western Sahara: they think that they (Western Sahara) can’t sustain themselves. That is not true. The Western Sahara has ample oil resources and does not expect any other country to lead them. Other countries are just thinking of their own profit. They do not even think of the Western Sahara as a country where people are living, they just treat it as a resource and a source of income.”

Reported: Bhuvan Gupta

Edited: Aryan Sharma