The Feuds Continue – “Israel is a Slow Country”

To begin the fourth session of the World Health Organisation (WHO) committee, the

delegate of Egypt raised a motion to start a lobbying session for 30 min during which the

delegates researched on their stances and discussed potential solutions. The delegate of

Israel planned to counter the UAE, while the delegate of the United Kingdom, with the

support of Yemen and UAE, planned to counter Iran.

The delegate of Libya continued the proceedings by raising a motion for a moderated

caucus to discuss ‘waste management in the MENA region’. The delegate of Israel insisted

that waste is a useful resource, stating, “There is an urgent need to spread awareness about

waste management. Waste is looked at like waste and not a resource” .

The delegate of Nigeria requested developed nations to provide the country with funds.

“We require funds from developed countries to make garbage processing plants in Nigeria,”

demanded the delegate. The delegate of Oman introduced the other delegates to the

country’s first step towards spreading awareness about waste management by stating, “We

conducted a Pilot Survey to understand how aware people of my country are.”

The delegate of Israel demanded an apology from the delegate of Egypt after the delegate

of Egypt commented, “Israel is slow in taking action against the waste management issue.”

The delegate of Israel was not permitted to refute this claim.

Reporter: Nikita Raina, Reuters

Editor: Aryan Sharma