The enthralling conclusive session of the H-AIPPM filled with captivating debate

Times of India

The first session of H-AIPPM on Saturday, October 31, 2020, the enthusiastic delegates further discussed and shared their opinions in regard to the agenda. In continuance of the first day of the Xth PWSMUN, the delegates worked and voted on the two working papers: the National Democratic Alliance (hereafter referred to as ‘NDA’) and United Progressive Alliance (hereafter referred to as ‘UPA’).

Written in an erudite and scintillate manner, the working paper of the NDA incorporated various judicious solutions. The major Hindu-Muslim divide was kept in mind, and ameliorating the conflicts while ensuring the prolongation of the fundamental human rights post the Godhra Train Tragedy was given high importance. The UPA working paper reflected their personal vendetta against the NDA as they included opprobrium and continued their blame-game in their working paper instead of mentioning potential solutions with planning. Within the ace of passing the UPA, the majority of sagacious delegates made the working paper of the NDA pass instead.

Furthermore, the NDA and the UPA separately formulated their draft resolutions and then discussed it. The NDA’s draft resolution took all pertinent points into consideration like observing the results of communal violence in Gujarat which lead to property damage and deaths. Also, detailed planning about what needs to be done and how in order to make the situations better.

In continuation of the same, the UPA questioned the NDA about their draft resolutions. In the question and answer session, a clear pattern could be observed about the UPA putting false accusations on the members of the NDA. The failed attempt of Ahmed Patel to vilify Narendra Modi ji was not appreciated. However, the heated question and answer session was enjoyable for everyone.

All in all, the conclusive session included compelling and entrancing debating amongst the delegates- all of them still exuberant from the previous day’s sessions. Everybody showed gratitude and concluded the final committee session on a good note. Undoubtedly, every delegate had marvellous experience at the Xth PWSMUN.


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