The Draft Resolution: Now We're in the Endgame...


The final symposium of the Union of European Football Associations formulated two commendable working papers by the end of session three, based on their discussions and debates in the previous conventions. Hence, the second bloc’s working paper including Paris Saint-Germain (hereafter referred to as PSG), Manchester City, Borussia Monchengladbach was passed in committee. Subsequently, the committee was able to cultivate an insightful draft resolution with ideas from both blocs.

During the discussion of the working paper, both blocs came up with great clauses, in connection to their agenda: “creating a roadmap to achieve gender and racial quality within the conference.” Moreover, bloc two created a beneficial clause which stated that “the matches between clubs will include both men and women who will play together as a team”, hence promoting gender equality in sports.

Ultimately, the committee began compiling the working papers and forming the draft resolution which became extremely insightful as it included points from both blocks who had great ideas.


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