The America’s prove their fair decisions towards the civilians of Iraq

Fox News

As the delegates of the Historian War Cabinet seemingly have promising discussions on the several strategies and resolutions as to liberating Kuwait, the President of The United States emphasizes on its humanitarian efforts towards the possible destructive results of the missions. As a result of a press conference, data on the United States’ intention towards their heavy consideration of innocent civilians, proves the fairness in the tactical military strategies that once seemed extensively destructive.

The Army General of the United Sates, Norman Schwarzkopf mentions “We are not trying to prolong a suffering, instead we are trying to bring a swift end, and we are trying to make a position in which we can force Iraq to follow our terms of cease fire”. This statement justifies the fair intention of the United States as to bring incentives to Iraqi commissioners to swiftly withdraw their positions. A greatly efficient method suggested by the Army General, Norman Schwarzkopf, further only strengthens the United States’ foreign relations as a considerate approach of the United States is noticed.

Moreover, the support of Canada, a close neighbor of the United States, through the statements of is Naval Admiral, Kenneth J. Summers, mentioned the heavy focus of the committee’s military generals towards several military intricacies. The words of the Naval admiral as he mentions factors such as “number of tanks, number of troops, types of weapons etc.” demonstrate the intention of the coalition to avoid mass destruction, for the benefit of the Iraqi civilians.

The President of the United States sums up the statements by the military commissioners, starting with a firm quote “The main reason as to why the US is part of this war is to protect the sovereignty and democracy of Kuwait”. The statement from the initial stages of the President’s speech clearly validates the considerate approach of the United states. The President concludes with a confident promise stating, “The US with extensive planning will provide aid to whichever city in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia or neighboring nations effected”.

As an overview to the press conference that took place in the HWC committee, Fox news notes that the United States full intends to make fair decisions towards innocents in nations that may possibly be poorly impacted by the aggressive military strategies. The President ends the conference as he confirms to the committee about the United states confidence in providing funds, and a full intention to avoid extensive civilian damage.


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