Terrorism: A Shadow on Economic Rise

The African Union, in the second session, worked towards solving one of the most crucial issues that prominently dominate the development of their countries: ‘Terrorism’. The delegate of Comoros clarified the true definition of terrorism while asserting that it has been prevalent throughout Africa’s history, initially through the slave trade and racial inequality and now through notorious groups such as Boko Haram, Al Shabaab, and Al Qaeda.

The delegate stated, “Terrorism is essentially violence based on discrimination against a particular group of people, often conducted in the name of religion.” However, the committee came into questioning whether the concept of religion is supposed to unite and glorify people.

The delegates of Libya and the Central African Republic insisted that extremist groups function by the persuasion of the young population which tends to be the key issue in the North African region as the average age in Africa is nineteen. The committee unanimously agreed that an increase in the education rate is the prime intervention method for reducing terrorism, again leading back to the initial issue of a lack of education.

“Terrorism is a dark shadow on the economic rise,” said the delegate of Ecuador, urging the committee to think about the future generations and work towards solutions of this issue to eventually solve the crisis of political instability in the MENA region.

Reporter: Kyra Kumar

Editor: Ayush Sukheja