Tall claims made at the UN Historic General Assembly

The committee of the Historic General Assembly (HGA) addressed the agenda -- determine the national identity of the displaced Jewish populations of Europe in the aftermath of the second world war. This agenda had been addressed multiple times but the committee was failing to be consistent with this discussion and kept moving towards a moderated caucus.

Delegates explained how the countries they represented are against anti-Semitism and that they have made strict laws to punish those who practice such beliefs. However, a few of the delegates have confused the reason of the Jewish population's displacement with racism- the prime example of this being the Iraqi delegate. The delegate of Iraq stated that racism was one of the main factors as to why the Jewish population was displaced, however this is not entirely correct. Delegates were confused between racism and anti-Semitism. The displaced Jewish populations were scared of anti-sematic supporters, who are still prevalent after the end of the second world war.

The delegate of El-Salvador stated, “Jews must be given equal rights,” which many thought was rather inhumane, as it felt like the Jewish refugees do not have humanitarian rights at all. Some delegates discussed that it is understandable that Jews were not living in good conditions as the events that took place were extremely sudden but that doesn’t mean that they were treated badly in the places where they took refuge.

Besides the above statements, the committee was coherent with facts, did not provide misleading information, and the discussion was number based. The delegate of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) spoke with exceptional originality by listing and proposing laws that discourage anti-Semitism, unlike other delegates who stated that their countries have multiple punishable laws that discourage anti-Semitism.

Reporter: Yajush Pradhan, Haaretz

Editor: Seher Anand