Solutions To Tackle Instability In Africa

The African Union in the third session today assembled together to discuss solutions that would ease the path to establishing stable government structures. Africa as a whole is highly unstable, both politically and economically, this is owed to both internal and external factors such as civil wars, terrorism, poverty, ill-distribution of resources and corruption. Despite developing at a steady rate, Africa still has a plethora of issues that need to be solved in order for it to be considered as stable and independent.

The Democratic Republic of Congo suggested that the National Transitional should be put in order. The delegate of Libya Sated “Sustainable development is the future and instead of looking at short term solutions we shall work on the ones that help us be stable in the long ter,” . It strongly asserted that the solution suggested by The Democratic Republic of Congo for an NTC is not viable due to corruption having powerful impacts on multiple canals of administrations. It also suggested that rather than taking help only from government committees a separate body of the African Union should be formed that would act as an advisory body for governments to seek advice. As the discussion progressed The delegate of Botswana said, “We should be concerned about the arms control high level of Human Trafficking”. Similar to Libya it also suggested Setting up a committee mandated to combat illicit trafficking and to gain a comprehensive response to integrate the perspectives of defense development, foreign policy, law enforcement, trade and work in partnership with independent government institutions. It also suggested Strengthening the search and rescue capacity of the coast guard and forces to actively take actions and monitor the inflow of refugees so as to avoid trafficking in border regions. Botswana also expressed that since it is a middle-income country, the government would like to help funding in countries like Libya and South Sudan to resolve the on-going crisis.

All in all the committee session turned out to be productive and the discussion of solutions to help establish stable government structures helped countries evaluate the most efficient ones that would take Africa back on the track of stability and growth.