Sir David Craig and His Strategies

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The second session of the HWC committee focused on forming fair strategies to eradicate the aggressive Iraqi forces and to eventually liberate the land of Kuwait. With United Kingdom having a firm stance on the topic, that being due to its military and economic privileges, it seems so somewhat ignore its foreign relations and policies, as it wishes to prioritise the liberation of Kuwait. An interview with Chief of defence staff- UK, Sir David craig, answers these contradictions:

Fox News: UK’s foreign policies emphasize on the priority of humanitarian assistance programs. With such an economically draining strategy to achieve the withdrawal of Iraqi military, how does UK plan to provide aid to possible civilian community destruction?

Delegate of UK: The UK is planning on keeping aside a certain percentage of the funds for this campaign to rebuild civilian community. These packages are inviolable and will be directed (after the conflict is concluded), solely towards humanitarian assistance.

Fox News: UK wish to collaborate with US officials to achieve the withdrawal of Iraqi forces. While US emphasises on the well-being of civilians, how does UK plan to balance that out with the military strategies?

Delegate of UK: To balance humanitarian efforts with military strategy, the UK has proposed certain 'safe zones' (reminiscent of the 'no-fly zones') for civilians, especially in the Kurdish North and Shia South of Iraq. Here, health facilities for coalition forces as well as civilians will be available. Strict air patrol will secure these neutral havens. It is also important to note that prolonging the war due to indecisive military action will just further damage civilian lives. Hence efficiency in military tactics is the best way to curb the conflict and restore peace to the Gulf region.

It can thoroughly be seen through the responses of Sir David Craig, the aspiration of the UK to balance the humanitarian efforts with the aggressive military strategy. It can be seen that the UK has put in place several solutions what would benefit the well-being of civilians, while the diplomatic relations of the US and UK to further strengthen.


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