Security and safety of the internal issues in Mali

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Mali has been suffering an intensive civil war, various organization are demanding and fighting campaigns for independence of northern region of the country. On this note, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Committee has aimed and focused mainly on the restoration of the government’s power over the terrorist groups. The delegates also shed light upon military which has seeped into to influence the natives of Mali at larger scale.

A moderated caucus had been set to motion for aiming on the improvement of the conditions of people in Mali. Heated debate took place between delegate of Vietnam and USA. The delegate of Vietnam was in favor of an anti-violence approach within the country and accused USA of causing many causalities. In the delegate of USA’s defense, they had donated two hundred million dollars in 2018 for financial and medical aid.

Additionally, the delegate of Germany’s opinion and views were kept on the floor, where the delegate concentrated on women empowerment and transited to strengthening the security sectors. Further the delegate also commented,” We should raise awareness through women and focus on Gender equity. And that women intervention is necessary.”

Crisis had occurred in the committee stating, “According to Reuters reports, we have received a piece of information related to the security of Mali. Certain Islamic extremist groups have planned an attack on the central Mali region. At the moment, it is just an accusation.”

An aggressive procedure took place during the unmoderated caucus for the crisis. It seemed as if, The delegate of Vietnam took the statement by the delegate of the USA as an offence causing the formation of two blocs.

The delegate of Estonia has given its country stance by mentioning the statistics of ninety-five supporters for volunteering at borders due to its past relations with Mali. The delegate of Estonia suggested that negotiations with Mali and the group would assist in a mutual understanding between the countries. The delegate of Vietnam recommended to aid Mali during the time of crisis by providing biological weapons during wartime. The left wing of the committee involving the delegate of USA as well as many others, had their focus on the technological devices like drones.

To conclude, according to the debates taking place during the resolution of the crisis, the delegate of Vietnam has taken a combative decorum in the conference and ignored the suggestions provided by the left wing.


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