Saudi Arabia’s Threat to Attack Boko Haram

The Midnight Crisis in the Arab League revolved around the Boko Haram. The latter, in their quest to be recognised as Nigeria’s government, took control of 151 of the 156 oil fields in Nigeria. This has resulted in Saudi Arabia and Egypt to threaten to attack the Boko Haram.

Currently, Saudi Arabia is not in a strong position. In the first crisis update, Al Qaeda threatened to attack the country and the delegate of Saudi Arabia seemed unfazed. The country does not believe in the strength of its allies within the Arab League and instead wants to turn to the United States of America. Once the committee was updated about Iran’s plans to attack Saudi Arabia, the delegate claimed that troops were deployed in Iran, hence officially making the first move and instigating war. Saudi Arabia also went against the charter of the Arab League by asking for aid from the United States without consulting the committee. 

In the second update, Saudi Arabia was accused of funding extremist groups. The country dramatised its situation to gain control of the Middle East. This explains why the country requires the alliance of a superpower such as the United States of America. Following the crisis update on the support of Palestine on the extremist organisations, Saudi Arabia targeted the delegate of Palestine, stating that military action should be taken. However, as stated by the delegate of Syria, Saudi Arabia has also been funding some extremist organisations and there are rumours about Saudi Arabian involvement in the 9/11 attacks.

Finally, the committee entered into an unmoderated caucus to create press releases on the conclusions reached upon by the delegates. The releases will consist of names of countries asking for the United States’ intervention, such as Saudi Arabia, and countries against intervention, such as Palestine and Syria. 

Reporter: Rhea Kapoor, Tehran Times

Editor: Anahita Devesi