Restoration of Monuments in the Middle East

UNESCO on Friday, August 30, 2019 delved into the agenda of protection and promotion of monuments and structures of cultural and historic importance in the Middle East. A majority of delegates were unacquainted with the MUN procedures, which was prevalent through their inhibitions and reservations to participate in discussions. Furthermore, as the committee proceedings commenced, certain delegates reaffirmed the “horrific status quo” in their General Speakers List (GSL) speeches. On the other hand, others brought forth the collateral damage that transpired as a result of intervention from other countries. Eventually, delegates began discerning potential substantive topics for the moderated discussions. However, the nondescript nature of the discussion couldn’t be concealed despite certain delegates putting forth relevant subject matter. For instance, as stated by the delegate of Lebanon, “There has been no acknowledgement of the private sector’s role in the destruction of culture by the media.”

Subsequently, the delegate of the United Kingdom raised a motion to suspend formal debate, and delved into the creation of an international fund adhering to the restoration of monuments in the Middle East. In this moderated caucus, delegates immersed in discourse regarding the motion. This continued until the monotony of the proceedings forced the executive board to intervene and reaffirm the intended purpose that the committee encompassed. Additionally, there were negligent assertions highlighting the insensitivity of nations towards the destruction of the Middle Eastern countries’ heritage. For instance, the delegate of the Russian Federation claimed that his nation does not have a “good economy”. Thus, Russia does not intend to contribute to the international generation of funds for the restoration of monuments and structures. 

Conclusively, the first committee session in the UNESCO moved towards explicating unprecedented subject matter, however, was given the epithet of a ‘stagnant committee’ due to the lack of enthusiasm exhibited by the delegates.

Reporter: Jiya Kathuria, Tehran Times

Editor: Meharr Talwar