Press Conference Sheds Light on US Refugee Situation

In the second day of the committee of the United Nations Security Council, saw a press conference being held. Delegates from France, China, Russia, and the USA were interrogated thoroughly about their foreign policies and their position on the allegation of ‘proxy wars’ in the Middle East.

The delegate of Russia was questioned about their denial of the Russian military presence in Syria. They admitted that in light of recent evidence, Russia would not be denying the presence of its troops in northwest Syria anymore.

Conversely, the delegate of USA was questioned the most due to the US’s involvement in the Middle Eastern crisis. The delegate explained his view that the committee had been focusing on blaming the US for their intervention rather than providing solutions for the issue at hand. 

A reporter from Al Jazeera further questioned the delegate regarding their refusal to take any refugees. The delegate answered by emphasising on how the living standards in the US would decrease significantly if they allowed refugees in. Since refugees comprise about one-tenth of the total annual immigration to the US, the point made by the delegate touches upon controversial reasons for the United States to deny refugees. The US also has one of the largest immigrant populations in the world and cannot afford to let in any more refugees and asylum seekers. They also explained that the US was not the only nation responsible and should not be the only one taking responsibility. 

Reporter: Angelina Jain, Fox News

Editor: Anahita Devesi