Press Conference on Sharia Law

The delegates addressed the press in a conference during the second committee session on Saturday, 31 August, 2019. The numerous confusions and controversies present in the previous session were examined and the delegates were questioned accordingly.

Firstly, the delegate of Saudi Arabia was questioned about their plans to track domestic money transfers. They answered that the suspicion behind each transfer would be determined based on the amount, number and location of the transfer. The resources being allocated to this plan had not been determined. Next, when the delegates of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) were given the chance to comment on the allegations made by Syria, in the previous session, the only defence given was that the allegations were unsubstantiated.

Furthermore, the delegate of Palestine’s doubtful motives regarding the Sharia Law in the country were clarified when he claimed that sanctions should be put in place to avoid the inhumane components of the Sharia Law. Nevertheless, how these factions of the law affect the way the whole belief system works was not touched upon. 

Following the press conference, the committee moved to work on the draft resolutions. There were three resolutions, with the authors Palestine, UAE, and Qatar respectively. This split in the committee shows that the wishful thinking made by the delegates at the beginning of the conference, through the creation of the unanimous working paper, was redundant in the fight for power.

Reporter: Rhea Kapoor, Tehran Times

Editor: Anahita Devesi