One Size Doesn’t Fit All- Delegates Discuss Extra Measures

In the fifth session of the WHO, the delegates were involved in discussing the different solutions to problems regarding the water crisis, lack of sanitation, and waste management in the MENA region.

The delegate of Qatar urged the nations in the MENA region to start recycling and composting waste. Meanwhile, points regarding poverty impacting waste-management were raised by the delegate of Japan. The delegate attributed the lack of awareness among the citizens to poverty. The delegate of Yemen rendered the suggested solutions unsuitable, claiming that his nation was grappling with graver conflicts.

Following that, a model for a possible solution regarding the lack of clean water was presented by the delegate of Somalia: a system which would help decontaminate the water in lakes for domestic usage. However, the delegate was presented with queries regarding the gathering of funds, foreign support, and technology for such a large scale project, which ironically were left unanswered.

Moving on, the delegate of Germany seemed very optimistic in finding solutions to handle the “complex situation of sanitation” within the MENA region, step-by-step

The committee was able to arrive at a consensus regarding the issues of waste management, lack of sanitation, and scarcity of water. Merging the ideas developed over the previous sessions, they were able to produce practical solutions.

Reporter: Ria Sejwal, Xinhua News Agency

Editor: Aryan Sharma