‘Minority Discrimination and Violence: An interview with the delegate of the United Kingdom’

The Nation

In the second session of the UNHRC meeting on Friday, October 30, 2020, a moderated caucus of the duration of ten minutes was set into motion regarding human rights violations caused by caste discriminations. In accordance to this, it seemed pivotal to hold the delegate of United Kingdom responsible for certain degrading comments made by their prime minister.

The Nation- Delegate, what is the motive behind this mass forming of blocs between your own country and countries which have had issues with caste violence and discrimination?

Delegate of United Kingdom- The motive is to help all minority communities and populations that are discriminated against, as there is a clear desire within the government to strengthen relations and help these countries with their various issues.


The Nation- Delegate, many believe this was a way to fix bridges burned by your prime minister, Boris Johnson, when he made derogatory comments regarding the appearance of Muslim women. Is there any truth behind these accusations?

Delegate of the United Kingdom- No, this is not due to the prime minister’s comments. He has apologized and gone on record and said that he did not mean the comments in a serious way, and the entire diplomatic team is against his comments. Even before these comments were made, the United Kingdom was working towards being a country that doesn’t discriminate anyone based on Race, Nationality, illness or size.

Overall, United Kingdom’s feeble attempt to cover up their prime minister’s blatant disrespect towards Muslim women seems rather hypocritical, especially in a forum that is aiming to mitigate caste-based violence.


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