Members of the Indian National Congress Party are racist against Muslims?

Times of India

The third session of H-AIPPM on Friday, October 30, 2020 started with the delegates discussing potential solutions post a tragic massacre to resolve the conflicts. Moreover, there was a press conference held by Times of India (hereafter referred to as ‘TOI’).

The session began with a compelling discourse between the opposing political parties about possible solutions. The delegates discussed their working papers which included solutions for the government of Gujrat.

Furthermore, the engrossing press conference and parlay took place. During the press conference, TOI asked Sonia Gandhi about the blatant accusations made by her which claimed that Narendra Modi ji was responsible for the Godhra Train Strategy. This accusation was made without any substantial evidence. After being asked, Gandhi said she stands by her accusations.

However, following the same, TOI asked Narendra Modi ji what he has to say about the accusations after the commendable efforts to provide relief packages. Modi ji then said he completely disagrees as all of Bharatiya Janata Party (hereafter referred to as ‘BJP’) have tried to resolve the occurred conflicts.

At last, TOI asked Digvijaya Singh, member of the Indian National Congress about his accusation made in a discourteous manner by saying that the BJP focused on causing conflicts between religions. When asked for providing actual examples for the same, Digvijaya was not able to give actual examples, and instead continued sticking to their previous claim in an obstinate manner. Moreover, Digvijaya Singh accused Modi ji of visiting the “Indian camps” more instead of the “Muslim camps”. This statement made by Digvijaya Singh clearly implied his belief that Muslims cannot be Indians.

Overall, the last session of the day was filled with discussions and riveting moments like the press conference, causing heated debates amongst the delegates. Tomorrow’s session awaits with an elaborative discussion about the working paper. The debating continues and we expect to see more solutions about the conflicts in tomorrow’s session.


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