Manchester City: The Bigger Club

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UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) is an administrative body in Europe. It runs the national and many club competitions, including the UEFA Champions League.

In the 1st session, the delegates discussed the Financial Fair Play rules, its loopholes, and how it has been abused in the past. The FFP was introduced to improve the financial health of football clubs and to prevent them from spending more than they earn. Put simply, it was introduced to prevent clubs from falling into long-term financial problems.

FFP regulations were also made in order to prevent clubs from over-spending across several seasons within a set budgetary framework. Implementation of FFP took place at the beginning of the 2011-12 season, and rules were agreed to in September 2009 by the Financial Control Panel of UEFA.

On announcing the new legislation, former UEFA President Michel Platini said:

"Fifty per cent of clubs are losing money and this is an increasing trend. We needed to stop this downward spiral. They have spent more than they have earned in the past and haven't paid their debts. We don't want to kill or hurt the clubs; on the contrary, we want to help them in the market.”

The delegate of Manchester City talks about how the FFP has been abused in the past by clubs such as the PSG (allegedly). They also said that there is no use in digging up graves from the past. They believe that new amendments and rules need to be issued to ensure that integral structure of the FFP is not compromised and abused again by clubs, such as by PSG, who are back at it again with their cheating.

The delegate of Manchester City has good ideas; however, the cooperation in the committee is extremely limited. As all government organisations are, this Association is extremely slow in their decision making.


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