Is It All Just A Facade?

The United Nation Human Rights Council's (UNHRC) second committee session began with a Round table conference in which every delegate proposed solutions to help Nigeria curb the human rights violations against women and children. Suggestions included introducing self-defence workshops for women, which was propounded by the delegates of Chile and Tanzania.

The committee session was taken forward through a twenty minutes unmoderated caucus during which the reporters for The International Press conducted one-on-one interviews with various countries including Chile, Tanzania, Ukraine, etc.

Further, the committee focussed on the final drafts of their working papers. The working papers from both Eurasian blocks (EU I and EU II) were passed by the delegates. The working paper by the African block failed. “It lacked detail and information”, the delegate of Ukraine said.

The delegate of the United Kingdom was observed deep in discussion with the delegate of Spain during the discussion of the first draft resolution of block two. The delegate proclaimed that “using luck as a part of proceedings just defines the indecisiveness the committee holds”. There was immense focus upon the idea of homosexuality. The delegate of Spain explained that “promoting awareness about homosexuality is not the same as promoting homosexuality, also because the Sharia Law criminalises homosexuality which is a clear violation of the right to identity”. The delegate went on to assert that “this aspect of the Sharia must be removed”.

An informal voting was held regarding whether the second draft resolution should be presented to committee or not. The committee was in favour of the first draft resolution, hence it is going to be presented in the upcoming sessions.

Reporter: Myra Jain

Editor: Eesha Mathur