Boko Haram Met With an Apathetic Response in Nigeria

Reports from Al Jazeera as of 20:00 hours on August 30, 2019, reported a crisis in which 151 out of 159 Nigerian oil fields have been captured by a radical Islamic terrorist group named the Boko Haram. The Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) commenced discussions immediately after the news broke to combat the issue at hand.

Allegedly, the Boko Haram is in possession of nuclear warheads, given to them by the Iranian government. The Nigerians asserted that if said allegations prove to be correct, they will not hesitate to use its allies to attack the state of Iran.

The delegates of Iraq and Saudi Arabia planned to collaborate with the UAE and Iran if they agree to divide the market share of the economically injured Nigeria. Some delegates raised concerns about the ethical implications of this move, as this measure would further affect Nigeria’s population, making the process of growth even harder.

However, when questioned, Nigeria’s representative did not present any plans to help the refugees. How they plan to diffuse the problem is not clear; when asked, the delegate brushed off the question. The Nigerian delegate stated, “The government of Nigeria is too weak to do anything, and the Nigerian government is now dependent on foreign aid.”

The session demonstrated the extent to which the Nigerian government is involved in improving their citizen’s current situation. They are unaware of how, if at all, to help their citizens who will ultimately suffer. The government of Nigeria is displaying a level of apathy that is deemed unacceptable by the members of committee.

Reporter: Vedant Khanelwal, Reuters News Agency

Editor: Akrit Agarwal