Interview with Islamic Republic of Pakistan


The Islamic Republic of Pakistan (referred to as IRP or Pakistan) and the People’s Republic of China have long had diplomatic ties throughout history: Pakistan was the first Muslim country to recognize the People’s Republic of China in 1950. The long-standing ties between the two countries have been mutually beneficial- a close identity of views and mutual interests remain the centre-point of bilateral ties. Since 1962, Pakistan has grown even closer to the nation of China, agreeing to different disputes involving those related to Taiwan as well as the current Galwan Valley issue.

As one of China’s closest allies and trusted neighbours, Pakistan has stated earlier in their speech that it feels that India has a ‘fascist leader’ and controls the people and media giving the western world a better image of them. Given the relationship between China and Pakistan, representatives of Xinhua News Agency interviewed the delegate of Pakistan regarding their stance and support to China.

Xinhua: What is Pakistan’s stance on the border dispute regarding China and India?

IRP: Pakistan believes that the border dispute between India and China is a result of the aggressive foreign policy of the Modi government.

Xinhua: Would they be willing to provide any support to China given that they have had a strong alliance throughout history?

IRP: Pakistan and China are strategic allies. Pakistan will provide complete diplomatic support to China because it wishes [that] the issue to be resolved peacefully.

Xinhua: Earlier you stated that India’s prime minister leads with fascist Hindu values, how would you encourage the Republic of India to learn leadership qualities from countries such Pakistan and China whose leaders are beloved by their citizens?

IRP: India should pursue a more peaceful foreign policy and address the issue of Kashmir and stay true to its secular constitution.

As discussed multiple times in committee by countries such as China and Saudi Arabia, neither side is solely to blame and it is unfair for the delegate of India to victimize themselves in this dispute.

Pakistan’s responses have shown that countries in favour of coming to a peaceful consensus are still critical of leaders such as Narendra Modi but are in support of China’s beloved President, Xi Jinping, and his methods of finding solutions.


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