“Industries take our people’s lands” roars Indonesia

The Straight's Times

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) commenced its first session of the day with diplomacy in the atmosphere. The delegates put their views forward during the lobbying session which took place for the first thirty minutes regarding possible moderated caucus topics. The lobbying session was followed by the establishment of the General Speakers List, involving mutual agreement to pass the motion.

The Delegate of Indonesia grabbed the attention of the committee with their speech during the General Speakers List, stating that “Industries are taking the lands of our people in the name of development. ” This implored the committee to come up with possible solutions to resolve conflict in the maritime South-East Asia nations as their economies are being greatly impacted.

Additionally, The Delegate of Mexico added on to the previous points mentioning “when a person loses their lands, they lose their culture and themselves”. This was reiterated upon by the Delegates of Argentina and United States of America in their speeches respectively. Further, The Delegate of Iran defended their nation by revealing that “Iran will not go against its principles for development”.

Most delegates participated in the discussion, putting their views forward to the committee. The Delegates of Indonesia and Mexico . Towards the conclusion of the committee went short Moderated Caucus was initiated, delving into “The causes of discrimination against the indigenous peoples”.

Finally, UNDP, at its initial stage discussed the causes of the issue in the agenda of the committee. Since, it’s still the first session for the committee, conclusions cannot be drawn yet as the delegates are still not yet clear with the corresponding perspectives of the delegates present in the committee.


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