India-China Border Dispute


The United Nations Continuous Crisis Committee (referred to as CCC) held on 15th June 2020 commenced with a slow discussion about the ongoing border dispute between the Republic of India (also referred to as India) and People’s Republic of China, specifically targeting the Galwan Valley incident.

The delegate of Pakistan stated in their speech that the Republic of India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, has led India with a ‘fascist Hindu regime’ and stated that “[Republic of India] practices tyranny and frequently revert to bullying their neighbors”. The delegate of China applauded the delegate of Pakistan for their emphasis on wanting to come to a peaceful consensus during this committee. Following this, the delegate of India stated that they want a ‘peaceful and good relationship with China’. However, directly after that statement, they claimed that China was solely to blame for the commencement of the dispute and that it was due to “their [People’s Republic of China] unprevailed spite against India”. They continuously threw accusations at China and said that they have an “unresolved desire for power” and would “use Pakistan for their own regime”, questioning the relations between China and Pakistan.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (referred to as KSA) would want both parties to remain peaceful and that “a war or any physical dispute will not give a solution” and proposed that both India and China retrieve their military forces from the disputed region, they stated that they were willing to intervene and provide a platform for peaceful discussion and solutions. The delegate of India later emphasized that they would not prefer foreign intervention and that “it is an internal matter between India and China”, bringing up treaties from the past which could be used. KSA replied stating that “India has also violated treaties from their end, [they] cannot solely blame China”.

The delegate of the United States of America (USA) stated that China was “illegally trying to cross the Indian border” to which the Russian Federation repeated China by stating that ‘there is no actual border created’ and wanted to initiate talks. China brought up the USA’s forms of intervention in Afghanistan and Syria which questioned their claim on “making the world better”. The committee continued their discussion over the ongoing dispute and mentioned the current state of the world regarding the pandemic.


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