“In a peaceful manner?” – Chairman of Joint chief of staff USA – Colin Powell

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The first session of Historic War Cabinet (HWC), the discussions on prioritizing topics of a moderate caucus led to quarrels between the Chairman of Joint chief of staff USA, Colin Powel and High commissioners of Canada with support of the UK, as conclusions dealt with involvement of civilian death.

With an aggressive yet focused discourse that concluded in suppressing Iraq’s military facilities, the idea of violence seemed unavoidable. The Chief of the defense staff, Sir David Craig, with the support of the Naval rear- Admiral, Kenneth J. Summers, emphasized on the inevitable factor of violence that would result in civilian death. This is due to the ambitious goal of vanquishing the abilities of the Iraqi military. While these conclusions may be considered substantial and correct, the Chairman of Joint chief of staff USA, Colin Powel remains concerned on the well-being of Iraqi civilian despite the ongoing feud.

“In a peaceful manner?”- Powel suggests through a firm interruption of the unmoderated caucus. Soley concerned on the well-being of the Iraqi civilians, the Chairman strongly suggests simply providing Saddam Hussein with incentives to conduct a military withdrawal from Kuwait, rather than a forceful removal of Iraqi forces. This was justified with the potential mass destruction of land and hence civilian community that may occur. While other high commissioners, mainly from the UK, Canada, Saudi Arabi and France prefer the forceful eradication, the Army general of the US, underpins its Chairman of Joint chief of Staff with an emphasis on the responsibility of the committee to produce funds for the well-being of Iraqi civilians as a compensation to possible destructions.

It is greatly noticed the promise of the US commissioners to consider civilian well-being, with a determined goal of providing reimbursements to what seems like inevitable destructions, even though the commissioners aspire to vouch for a peaceful diplomatic resolution to the Agenda.


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