Impassioned Discourse Between Political Members About the Godhra Train Tragedy

Times of India

The Historic – All India Parties Political Meet (H-AIPPM) took place and held a captivating discussion on the agenda, ‘Tackling Communal Riots and Disharmony in the Aftermath of the Godhra Train Tragedy’ which took place on February 27, 2002.

In the prefatory session, the committee session began with the executive board briefing the delegates about procedure. Subsequently, the delegates expatiated their stances and opinions in regard to the disheartening ‘Godhra Train Tragedy’.

All delegates expressed their deep sorrows. But undeniably, there was an evident conflict between political parties. The president of the Indian National Congress, Sonia Gandhi, blatantly blames Narendra Modi for the ‘Godhra Train Tragedy’ without any corroboration; when questioned about the statement, she hesitantly defended without solid reasonings.

Into the bargain, members of the Bharatiya Janata Party discussed possible solutions to reach tranquillity and put an end to the constant occurrence of disputes because of religious conflicts. Nitish Kumar attempted to vilify Narendra Modi with no premises. Additionally, Digvijaya Singh did a similar act as Nitish Kumar by making a rather impudent and controversial statement by saying “Bharatiya Janata Party focuses to divide religion in order to cause conflicts”.

Furthermore, as rightly mentioned by L.K Advani, Narendra Modi employed the army in order to stop the riots. On the other hand, neglecting the efforts to resolve the conflicts, Mayavati and Ahmed Patel continue to accuse the government of Gujrat for them without reasonable statements.

All in all, the first committee session in H-AIPPM addressed the causes and solutions of the riots which occurred due to the aftermath of the Godhra Train Tragedy. Moreover, we eagerly

and fervently await the formation of more cohesive blocs in order to achieve a solution to all the conflicts amongst religions and political parties.


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