Godhra riots, an Accident and Not a Conspiracy?

Times of India

The second session of H-AIPPM on Friday, October 30, 2020, Times of India conducted interviews with the delegates and the chair gave a topic of discussion: ‘Godhra riots, an accident not a conspiracy’.

In continuation, discussions take place regarding possible actions that may be taken in the light of the incident of the ‘Godhra Train Tragedy’, while maintaining the sanctity between Hindus and Muslims.

Moreover, Narendra Modi was falsely accused of putting barriers between Hindus and Muslims in order to cause conflicts. However, Modi ji proved him being falsely accused when he said relief packages of rupees two lakhs would be given to the families of the victims of the unfortunate tragedy. This is the perfect response to the false accusations as the relief package also includes giving the Muslim families rupees one lakh. Narendra Modi then responded saying that the Indian National Congress was the one who brought the barrier between Hindus and Muslims.

As a result of the interview, L.K Advani continues to support Narendra Modi about deploying the army and says, “I am not appreciating this step just because Narendra Modi did it, it was the right step considering the urgency of the situation.”.

Overall, the committee session included discussions about an updated topic, filled with contradictory claims by the BJP members and the Congress members. The discussion continues about how to take action about promoting coexistence of both religions while maintaining their sanctity and deflecting communal riots in the future.

Interview of Transcript

Times of India: Modi ji, in the previous session, Sonia Gandhi blatantly blamed you and said you were responsible for the Godhra Train Tragedy. What do you have to say about this insolent claim by Sonia Gandhi?

Narendra Modi: I think that Sonia Gandhi should remember that it was her party that had divide India and Pakistan based on Hindu and Muslim, so we should not be blamed for the riots or the incident since we have informed about the packages for every family too.

Times of India: Modi ji, what do you have say about Ahmed Patel's accusation about the Gujrat government being responsible for the occurrence of the conflicts related to the Godhra Train Tragedy?

Narendra Modi: These accusations are based on no evidence. He doesn't know that someone is innocent until proven guilty. Since he has no evidence of my involvement, all he is doing is playing the blame game to get the votes of the minorities like his party always does.

Times of India: L.K Advani, you backed Narendra Modi and told everyone how an effort was taken by employing the army but you were undermined by some delegates. Could you please confirm that the accusations coming your way are false?

L.K Advani: No matter what the committee says out of anger and disbelief, deploying the army at an early stage was the right step. I am not appreciating this step just because Narendra Modi did it, it was the right step considering the urgency of the situation.

Times of India: Atal Bihari Vajpayee, could you please comment on Digvijaya Singh’s claim of BJP focusing on segregating and causing conflicts between religions?

Atal Bihari Vajpayee: I have said time and time again in my speeches that India is not India if not secular. I am a man of the masses and it has not been proven by any organisation or institution such as the CBI or SIT that it was us which caused such a conflict hence making such allegations empty and not well thought out. The vote of my Muslim brother, the trust of my Muslim brothers. More importantly those who did not

vote for me their security is important to me because that is what a real , healthy , functioning democracy takes.

people who have not voted for the government in power need to feel safe and that is exactly what the BJP stands for and is working towards.

Times of India: Nitish Kumar, you mentioned something about Narendra Modi saying something about “no guilty”, could you please elaborate upon that?

Nitish Kumar: The unconvincing response given though seemed to indicate that Nitish Kumar was shying away from this confrontation.


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