Financial Inclusion Concerns the Nations

The Wall Street Journal

The first convention of the ‘United Nations General Assembly: Economic and Financial Commit-tee’ commenced on Friday, October 30, 2020, with the delegates representing their nation’s stance on economic and financial issues. Many countries around the globe quoted the causes and conse-quences of their problems in connection to the agenda: ‘Measures to further sustainable financial systems in Central and South America’.

Countries like Brazil and Venezuela also expressed their concerns regarding environmental degra-dation, stating that “the ability to innovate is an essential requirement to adapt to the modern world changes.”

Moreover, a pivotal point of discussion was that many countries around the world still don’t have access to credit cards, net banding, loans etc. The delegate of the French Republic stated that finan-cial inclusion can boost the economy and help weaker economies to overcome their poverty. Con-tinuous efforts have been lain forward to tackle the problem. The recent trend that prevails in the global economy is environmental degradation and climate change.

Overall, the delegates showed great enthusiasm and dedication to overcome the substantial prob-lems that have been hurdling the economic and financial growth of their nations.


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