Feminism on the Rise with Complementary Unfamiliarity of the Procedures

In today’s world, feminism is one of the biggest issues being discussed, holding particular importance in the MENA region, where gender equality is a rare sight. UN Women is a committee focused on “discussing the integration of women into leadership roles in the MENA region.”

Delegates from various countries came together to discuss their agendas and put forward their nation’s stance on the issue. The delegate of Tunisia asserted that the greatest barrier to the integration of women in leadership roles is the lack of opportunity provided to them, particularly in the government and in the military sectors.

With lack of fruitful debate, in the first half of the session, the moderated caucuses stagnated. With the intervention of the committee's Executive Board, the group moved into another unmoderated caucus to identify the causes of female inequality, revitalizing the debate.

Most delegates suggested that solutions to the inequality that women face in the MENA region would be introducing social reforms. They emphasized on ameliorations in aspects of proper education for women, allowing them space and opportunity in areas beyond the household. A need for recognition of female leadership and initiative beyond basic reproductive roles was advocated for by all. The committee gave great significance to establishing a work ethic to which countries must abide in order to have an unbiased working environment for women in the MENA region. Further emphasizing the agenda at hand, the delegate of Cuba announced that “women are the backbone of the country!” Simultaneously, the delegates of Qatar and Nigeria decided to shift the focus from women empowerment to unemployment in the country.   

To conclude, while having a minimal discussion and a few passed motions, the committee was able to only discuss the problems each of the countries respectively. While no solutions or defined topic have been discussed, the committee was not able to move forward or even discuss the agenda at hand. A handful of people participated during the discussion, coming to no such defined conclusion.

Reporter: Baani Mehandru, CNN

Editor: Akshita Mathur