Exploring US intervention in Syria

In the third session of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), the previous discussion concerning foreign intervention in the Middle Eastern war-torn areas continued. The delegates of the committee furthered the discussion by focusing on the intervention of external nations in Syria due to the prevalence of the ISIS in the country.

The delegate of Russia emphasised his view of stopping all armed foreign intervention by a stand-alone nation. He further specified that Russia believes that any further intervention must be ratified by the UN and should not be military based. The delegate also declared that collateral damage in the form of casualties was not acceptable. The delegate of China stated that the US intervention in Syria increased the number of casualties and scale of destruction. While he commended the US for pulling out their troops from Syria, he also claimed that the suppression of ISIS in Syria could hardly be called a success. The delegate of the US, as a rebuttal, argued that US involvement in suppressing ISIS in Syria could be called a breakthrough. The delegate further informed that troops from Syria are being recalled because the UK, US and France succeeded in suppressing extremist groups like ISIS and minimising their power and control in Syria. 

In further proceedings, Kuwait was another nation that appeared to disapprove of the American involvement in Syria and did not fail to mention so in its speeches. Nonetheless, the delegate of the US defended their previous actions and claimed that Syria would be in a worse state without US intervention. Simultaneously, the delegates of France and Germany discussed the problem of increasing refugees due to the crisis in Syria. They ended their speeches by discussing the number of displaced people and where they were likely to go for refuge.  

Reporter: Angelina Jain, Fox News

Editor: Anahita Devesi