Delegates Lose their Calm; Committee Recommences

The World Health Organisation (WHO) committee was ambushed by the International Press Corps (IPC) for a press conference that caused nervousness within all delegates.

The delegate of Israel fled the committee in order to avoid any confrontation. However, the other delegates seemed very willing to answer questions.

During the press conference, the delegate of Libya talked about interconnectedness between the agenda, ‘Ensuring universal sanitation and healthcare in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region’, and the ‘health of a mother’ in any region. The delegates were asked a variety of questions but all answers seemed to revolve around the ways through which other nations can help and aid the underdeveloped ones within the region. The delegates of Oman, Pakistan, Japan, and Libya believed that it is the duty of nations to help one another.

After the press conference, the committee went on to talk about the connection between inequality (religious, gender-based, and more) and the availability of healthcare and sanitation. A major discussion erupted on the ‘impact of conflict on health and sanitation’, specifically, how it affects the availability of safe water and healthcare. The Finnish delegate stated, “Children have no choice but to drink unsafe water” which leads to the population being “more prone to diseases”.

Although the committee seemed to be in agreement with every claim being made, there was a heated argument between Finland and Sudan during a moderated caucus about ‘inequality regarding gender and geographical location’. The root of the argument was Finland demanding an answer from Sudan on their plans to help rural regions combat diseases.

Towards the end of the third session, the committee entered a motion of entertainment, at the discretion of the Executive Board. It began with a round of confessions and dares, which created a very gleeful atmosphere. Various dares were proposed, including the delegate of Finland singing ‘I Feel Pretty’, asking chit-passers to propose to each other, and asking delegates to dance together. The day ended with a smile on every committee member’s face.

Reporter: Ria Sejwal, Xinhua News Agency

Editor: Aryan Sharma