Collaboration At Its Core

The third session was spent with UNHRC forming blocks and building a working paper for the next day’s presentation. The executive board observed that three blocks had been formed, with two opposing each-other. The opposing blocks consisted of the European Union which had been divided into two sub-blocks; EU I was led by the delegate of the United Kingdom and EU II was directed by the delegate of Spain, both working cohesively with one another. On the other hand, the countries that are dominated by religion such as Qatar and Nigeria came together to form the third block, the African block. The delegate of Qatar announced, 'This decision was taken by some of us in fear that later in the session, religion will be used as a reason to the violations happening in Nigeria. More voices are better than one.”(sic)

During a one-on-one interview with the delegate of the United Kingdom, the policy ideology was further discussed. The UK applauded the use of technology which allowed women to have GPS systems on their phones which can be used if they find themselves in a problematic situation. The delegate was asked to elaborate upon the United Kingdom’s reasons for believing that the policy which has been implemented in their country would have the same effect in Nigeria. The delegate responded stating, “The use of technology is very important because it eradicates human error and with the funding Nigeria is getting from the World Bank. The UK will definitely be able to source the technological advantage GPS trackers and virtual reality. Outsourcing a committee with the help of Workforce Development Organization (WDO) will help create a regulatory body with policies that Nigeria has established. They will use aggression if needed to curb violence.”

During an interview with the delegate of Nigeria, specific points of concern could be seen when the delegate was asked about why the bill for same-sex marriage prohibition act had failed. This vital fact pertains to the violations going on in Nigeria as the LGBTQ+ community, especially women, are victims of gruesome acts such as molestation, sexual, and physical abuse. The delegate had seemed to blank out and gave a pleading smile.

Tomorrow, the committee aims to find solutions and suggestions to work towards change, since Nigeria has been deemed unreliable by the delegates of the committee.

Reporter: Anika Chopra, Haaretz

Editor: Eesha Mathur