“China practices illegal activities”: reveals Sweden

The Straits Times

As the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) commenced its third session, the delegates were present in an Unmoderated Caucus to continue working on their Draft Resolution. The delegates discussed resolutions to preserve indigenous lands and methods to lessen discrimination against the South-east nations. With the delegates vocalizing their views, the committee took a great leap towards addressing the agenda.

In continuation, a moderated caucus was raised to begin discussing the draft resolutions with the committee. Out of the two blocks, the Awareness Block shared their Draft Resolution first. The delegate of Indonesia highlighted upon healthcare, education and working facilities for which urged government control indigenous lands.

The second paper shown was by the block against China; their Draft Resolution emphasized on member states in a nation raising funds to improve the lives of indigenous people and protecting the lands as well as their culture from China. The delegates working on this paper believe that “China practises various illegal activities like which were done in Tibet” quoted Sweden.

Later, the Delegates progressed in their debate when the Delegate of Indonesia revealed that the China block against is “only going after China and have included subjective points”. The delegate of Sweden rebutted by stating the wrong doings of China to the country of Indonesia.

The committee continued with the debate to decide which Draft Resolution is more appropriate with regards to their agenda. The committee is very close to addressing the agenda entirely and finding the suitable resolution for the same. Albeit, the constant debates between the blocks may result in delay of the same.


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