An Intervention from Within


The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) commenced the second session by dividing themselves from an unmoderated caucus, into the two blocs to start writing their Draft Resolution. The first bloc being “Against the maritime Southeast-Asian actions by China” and the “Prevention of Discrimination against the indigenous”. Starting to discuss the possible solutions to each of these issues.


Kompas: Indonesia is home to around 50-70 million people (12.7 million hectares in territory), why doesn’t the Government acknowledge their presence?

Indonesian Delegate: Indonesia values all their citizens and appreciates the contributions of all their nationals. Hence, the nation has provided various opportunities for all these individuals such as the variations in the constitution to allow these peoples to have land. So, the delegate could say that they respect their indigenous background as they play a vital role in their nation resulting in various changes within the nation to allowing more opportunities for the indigenous.


Kompas: The indigenous population of Indonesia often experiences criminalization and are victims to it, what is your opinion on it?

Indonesian Delegate: The nation has attempted to provide various solutions to these issues such as police monitoring however, it is very difficult to control all citizens of the country. Therefore, the nation is looking at measures to protect the indigenous but the bias and pre-conceived notions of the citizens are something which is difficult to control.


Kompas: The indigenous peoples have lost their forests, over the course of the last year with the Government failing to protect their rights. How do you plan to change this?

Indonesian Delegate: The government agrees that it is saddening but Indonesia is at the pinnacle of its economy and it is vital for them to continue production to preserve the nation’s development. However, they are looking at long term measures to allow for implementation of safety precautions for their indigenous as that is at the fore forth of the issues faced by the nation whilst also looking favorably upon housing opportunities for their indigenous.


After reviewing the interview, it seems that the delegate of Indonesia tries to evade answering the questions by employing diplomacy and manipulation.


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