Accountability is Daunting

The third congregation of UNESCO commenced with the discussion of Working Paper 2 whilst encouraging stimulating conversation and intellectual debate. The authors of the aforementioned working paper were unable to clearly communicate their notions and ideas, despite outshining other delegates in the unmoderated caucus while they lobbied. Their inability to cultivate a concordant atmosphere in the committee was a result of their failure to clearly explain their stance. 

Majority of the session was occupied by the tumultuous press conference that brought the audacious assertions of delegates into question. The delegates of the United Kingdom, Israel, and Hungary were predominant participants in the interaction with the press as they were held accountable for the controversial statements they made. However, they did not react kindly to the press’ presence in the committee and their refusal to cooperate was conspicuous since they chose to invoke their right to refrain from commenting. 

Ultimately, the commotion filled press conference contributed to the praise-worthy progress of the committee, wherein the delegates of UNESCO adroitly explicated the agenda : ‘protection and promotion of monuments and structures of cultural and historic importance in the Middle East’.

Reporter: Jiya Kathuria

Editor: Meharr Talwar