“A Delegate with a Fickle Mind”

The delegate of the United States of America, one of the greatest superpowers in the committee of the United Nations Women, contradicted their own foreign policies by stating that one of their allies - Estonia, was ‘irrelevant’ to them, during a press conference. While it is believed by the delegates of Kuwait and Nigeria, that the United States only wished to provide aid to Nigeria in order to “gain more power through Nigeria oil reserves” that they may attain a platform to exploit Nigerian resources for their own gain.

The delegate of the United States claims to have taken up the responsibility to search for “solutions that prevent more deaths in Nigeria and Iraq”. Despite claims to be neutral, the delegate remained focused on primarily aiding Nigeria through the committee session. The crisis that the committee was focused on revolved around the kidnapping of women in Nigeria by the terrorist organisation Boko Haram. The delegate continued on by proposing methods like an evacuation plan for the women trapped by the outfit. The execution process of the same is still unclear since the delegate’s proposed ideas are yet to be accepted by the committee.

Off-record, the delegate stated that the United States of America is just a “backup” country as they are just backing the troops in Nigeria. The reason given for this was that the country wants to prevent foreign invasions which may be detrimental to Nigeria. The delegate even proposed that Israel is going to be their mission base because the cordial relations they share with Nigeria. Although, the delegate has not considered the opinion of the other members of the committee.

America was unfamiliar with the procedures and displayed a lack of knowledge throughout the crisis session. As the session proceeded, the delegate had no will to provide legitimate solutions for the same. As a result of the delegate letting emotions seep into their work a sudden change of environment was seen, leaving the delegate flustered.

With high hopes of bringing change, the delegate successfully put forward their ideas but unfortunately their enthusiasm was not matched by the committee. The delegate’s importance was evident to almost all delegates whether or not they agreed with America’s stance. That said America’s selfish interests were clear as they did not take the welfare of any other country into consideration.

The United States, a world leader and strong political body is failing to keep up with the policies of their country. The delegate’s inability to correctly respond to the questions asked in committee or during press conference led others present in session to question their credibility and title them fickle.

Reporter: Baani Mehandru, CNN

Editor: Akshita Mathur