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International Press Corps


As an essential pillar of democracy, the Press serves as the primary link between the government and the global population. The International Press Corps is the glue that binds the entire conference together, and unlike other committees at PWSMUN, the Press Corps is not confined to any one topic, time or country. With each delegate representing an international press agency, IPC aims to rightly inform the public on committee proceedings and simulate a well-rounded journalistic experience.

Executive board

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Akrit Agarwal

Head of


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Rhea Kapoor

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Anika Chopra

About the Chair

Akrit Agarwal is a rising senior with a deep-seated love for the concept of free time - born from his inability to come by any. If you somehow find him free, he's probably stressing over first-person shooter games or watching Netflix dramas. He strongly advocates finding an individual style, distinguishable from others' by subtle literary quirks. The most-known reporters and editors stand out (Alex Jones, Akrit is looking at you).

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